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  • If you want to take notes, kid, this is what you're going to hear. They are going to talk about edge, opportunity set, and track record. ("I think it makes sense to walk you through how the presentation is organized," the middle one was saying now.) They are going to mention the team's experience and relationships. They are never going to say that they are a bunch of really smart guys who know a lot of people, but the essential point of why we should invest with them is that they are a bunch of really smart guys who know a lot of people. They are going to mention proprietary deal flow. They are going to use the word proprietary so much that the word proprietary gets a restraining order. They are going to show a pie chart with the fattest slice of pepperoni proving how proprietary their deal flow is. That pie chart will also prove that pie charts are pointless unless one is raising money from innumerates or babies.

    an excerpt from The Counting House, written by Gary Sernovitz in 2023

  • The Franks wore crosses, very like those worn by the newly baptized Anglisc: squat, heavy things, easily mistaken for the hammers the majority of gesiths still wore. Most gesith crosses were bronze. Some lived copper. Cian's was gold.

    an excerpt from Hild, written by Nicola Griffith in 2013

  • Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has; but I am great eater of beef, and, I believe, that does harm to my wit.

    an excerpt from Twelfth Night, written by William Shakespeare in 1602

Recently Noted

  • To be straight: you probably have to read a lot of stuff ABOUT finance to enjoy this. And I, a poor designer, actually do read more about finance than is probably good for me. I loved this.

    an note about The Counting House, written by Gary Sernovitz in 2023

  • This reads like Matt Levine Money Stuff, The Novel. And I mean that in a good way!

    Our hero is the Chief Investment Officer of a top-20 university, dealing with a crisis of confidence. The entire story is told through meetings he has with others, the best of which are a carousel of pitches for increasingly varied investment strategies.

    an note about The Counting House, written by Gary Sernovitz in 2023

  • There's so much rich historical detail, and I have no idea what parts are attested and what's made up. Like: in the 600s did people in Britain still worship Thor? Did the Christian cross necklace arise when people were christianized, and they changed their Thor's Hammer necklaces out for crosses? I have no idea.

    an note about Hild, written by Nicola Griffith in 2013

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