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Recently Quoted

  • The Franks wore crosses, very like those worn by the newly baptized Anglisc: squat, heavy things, easily mistaken for the hammers the majority of gesiths still wore. Most gesith crosses were bronze. Some lived copper. Cian's was gold.

    an excerpt from Hild, written by Nicola Griffith in 2013

  • Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has; but I am great eater of beef, and, I believe, that does harm to my wit.

    an excerpt from Twelfth Night, written by William Shakespeare in 1602

  • "In some corners of the world, perhaps," Laurence said, unable to tolerate this, "but thank God, we have a rule of law in Britain, and those checks upon the power of men which prevent any from becoming tyrannical."

    "Or which spread the tyranny over more hands, piece-meal," Tharkay said. "I do not know that the Chinese system is any worse; there is a limit to the evil one despot alone can do, and if he is truly vicious he can be over-thrown; a hundred corrupt members of Parliament may together do as much injustice or more, and be the less easy to uproot."

    an excerpt from Black Powder War, written by Naomi Novik in 2006

Recently Noted

  • There's so much rich historical detail, and I have no idea what parts are attested and what's made up. Like: in the 600s did people in Britain worship still Thor? Did the cross necklace arise when people were christianized, and they changed their Thor's Hammer necklaces out for crosses? I have no idea.

    an note about Hild, written by Nicola Griffith in 2013

  • After 'Fourth Wing', a book I disliked SO much, I'm delighted / surprised / kind of embarrassed to be enjoying another book series about talking dragons. But come on! It's like a Napoleonic naval series, except the ship is a talking dragon. And in book three they go OVERLAND from Beijing thru Asia. I love travelogues on the silk roads by kind-of-uppity English people, one of my favorite genres.

    an note about Black Powder War, written by Naomi Novik in 2006

  • Oh no, I just found out that it's a 2-parter. IDK if I'm enjoying this enough to read ANOTHER 600 pages about the Blitz.

    an note about Blackout, written by Connie Willis in 2010

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