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Ex Libris Kirkland is my self-centered way to keep track of what I read, what I like, and what I want to remember.

Recently Quoted

  • You know, I have a favor to ask, too. When I leave my body, do not be very ceremonious with it, for I have, after all, synned with it. Tie a rope to the legs and drag it into the swampy wilds for the animals and vipers to tear to pieces. That's basically it.

    an excerpt from Laurus, written by Eugene Vodolazkin in 2015

  • Your body has become unsuitable, prepare to leave it; know that this shell is imperfect.

    an excerpt from Laurus, written by Eugene Vodolazkin in 2015

  • When Diogenes was asked how to live with the truth, he answered: Do as with fyre: do not go so exceedyngely close that it will burn, but do not go so farre away or the colde will reache you.

    an excerpt from Laurus, written by Eugene Vodolazkin in 2015

Recently Noted

  • It's a scifi novel, it's a spy novel, it's an alt-history where the Brits discovered how to communicate with the dead during WWI and WWII never happened. It's pretty dense with made-up technology (ectogun, aetheric hypercube, etc) and never walks you quite through what all these things are supposed to be. Some of this is fun, some of it is a drag. The actual writing and plot is... fine. This fits in 100% solidly with my scifi push-pull: interesting ideas, mostly noninteresting writing. Oh well.

    an note about Summerland, written by Hannu Rajaniemi in 2018

  • The last act is so predictable - in that the hero must return home and re-enact the beginning - but was so beautiful! I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but it was completely lovely. A+.

    an note about Laurus, written by Eugene Vodolazkin in 2015

  • We liked this so much, Felix wanted to dress up as Uncle for Halloween this year!

    an note about Uncle, written by J P Martin in 1964

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