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Recently Quoted

  • I've yet to bring No-Name to the end of the game, but I've played enough to see the twist ending coming. Home is not the place you come from. That place is gone, if it ever existed at all. Home is the place you go to and like enough to stay, the place you ratify with your presence.

    an excerpt from Constellation Games, written by Leonard Richardson in 2012

  • Listen to me, Sivert: Be contented! You have everything to live on, everything to live for, everything to believe in; you're born and you bring forth, you are vital to the earth. Not everybody is, but you are: vital to the earth. You sustain life. You go on from generation to generation, fulfilling yourselves through sheer breeding; when you die, the new brood takes over. That is what iS meant by eternal life.

    an excerpt from Growth of the Soil, written by Knut Hamsun in 1917

  • He says what has to be said to Katrine, but no more, preferring to talk with her father. No, Eleseus doesn't care for girls; he seems to have been fooled by a girl once and has since lost interest. Maybe he never had any sex drive worth mentioning, since he is now good for nothing. An odd man in the wilds, a gentleman with the thin hands of a clerk and a woman's flair for finery, for sporting an umbrella, galoshes and a cane. Fooled, and all changed, an unfathomable bachelor. Whatever mustache will sprout on his upper lip will not be particularly brutal. But maybe this boy, who came of good stock and was well endowed, was turned into a changeling by the artificial milieu in which he later found himself. Did he become so diligent, behind an office desk or a shop counter that all his original nature was lost? Maybe so. In any case, here he is, sweet and apathetic, a bit weak, a bit nonchalant, going more and more astray. He could envy every man in the settlement, but is not even equal to that.

    an excerpt from Growth of the Soil, written by Knut Hamsun in 1917

Recently Noted

  • Recommended by the audiobook app after the previous book on habits. Apparently the author has a popular blog about habit creation, and man, this book really was a series of blog posts that got stretched out to book length. Missable.

    an note about Atomic Habits, written by James Clear in 2018

  • It's really interesting, but also there's a chapter about book design and let me tell you - it is a cheaply made, badly designed book. Painful really!

    an note about So You Want to Publish a Book?, written by Anne Trubek in 2020

  • I've been reading Anne Trubek's newsletter about publishing with much interest lately. So when she wrapped that newsletter into a little guide - literally an intro to the independent publishing process - I was all in. It's also cheaper than subscribing to the substack!

    an note about So You Want to Publish a Book?, written by Anne Trubek in 2020

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