Ex Libris Kirkland

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First Written 1809
Genre Fiction
Origin Germany
Publisher Penguin Classics
ISBN-10 0140442421
ISBN-13 978-0140442427
My Copy library paperback
First Read March 15, 2005

Elective Affinities

To Weimar society marriage was a contract not a 'sacrament,' and divorce was a normal element of civilised life; but, like any society which still has the will to survive in it, Weimar society preserved and valued the social forms, and Goethe's irregular household was an embarrassment." -- R. J. Hollingdale, from the introduction

Quoted on December 11, 2010

'I do not like having anything to do with peasants or townspeople unless I am in a position to give them direct orders,' Eduard replied.

'That point of view is not so far wrong,' the Captain said, 'for I too have experienced a great deal of irritation in my life from jobs of this kind. How hard it is for a man to weigh aright what must be sacrificed against what is to be gained! How hard to will the end and not despise the means!'

Quoted on December 11, 2010

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