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Subtitle Poems
First Written 2008
Genre Poetry
Origin US
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN-10 9780393065428
ISBN-13 978-0393065428
My Copy paperback
First Read March 15, 2011

Behind My Eyes

His poem "Virtues of a Boring Husband" won me over immediately, as I also talk my wife to sleep. It's a great one, and I'd encourage you to find that one first when you pick this book up.

Noted on March 15, 2011

I picked this up after hearing Lee read at a conference last weekend, and I LOVE it. Lee himself has a fascinating speaking voice: soft, quiet, as if he's choosing his words with intense care but then delivering them as if they were gifts he found scattered on the floor.

Noted on March 15, 2011

One day we'll lie down and not get up.
One day, all we guard will be surrendered.

from 'To Hold'

Quoted on March 15, 2011

Whenever I talk, my wife falls asleep.
So, now, when she can't sleep, I talk.
It's like magic.
from 'Virtues of the Boring Husband'

Quoted on March 15, 2011

Maybe, too often, we mistake
the guest for the host,

confusing the I and the You. And yet, maybe
out of that confusion more worlds arise.

from 'Virtues of the Boring Husband'

Quoted on March 15, 2011

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