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First Written 1870
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Oxford Worlds Classics
ISBN-10 9781420932768
ISBN-13 978-1420932768
My Copy clothbound hardback
First Read June 14, 2011

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

I've just started Drood, and I'm hooked. Granted, I love Dickens and I know the Mystery will never get solved, but it's a pageturner!

Noted on June 14, 2011

... Mr. Lobley mopped, and, arranging cushions, stretchers, and the like, danced the tight-rope the whole length of the boat like a man to whom shoes were a superstition and stockings slavery ...

Quoted on June 14, 2011

Circumstances may accumulate so strongly even against an innocent man, that directed, sharpened, and pointed, they may slay him.

Quoted on June 14, 2011

How beautiful you are! You are more beautiful in anger than in repose. I don't ask you for your love; give me yourself and your hatred; give me yourself and that pretty rage; give me yourself and that enchanting scorn; it will be enough for me.

Quoted on June 14, 2011

Your sister has learnt how to govern what is proud in her nature. She can dominate it even when it is wounded through her sympathy with you. No doubt she has suffered deeply in those same streets where you suffered deeply. No doubt her life is darkened by the cloud that darkens yours. But bending her pride into a grand composure that is not haughty or aggressive, but is a sustained confidence in you and in the truth, she has won her way through those streets until she passes along them as high in the general respect as any one who treads them. Every day and hour of her life since Edwin Drood's disappearance, she has faced malignity and folly -- for you -- as only a brave nature well directed can. So it will be with her to the end. Another and weaker kind of pride might sink broken-hearted, but never such a pride as hers: which knows no shrinking, and can get no mastery over her.

Quoted on June 14, 2011

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