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Translator Constance Garnett
First Written 1846
Genre Fiction
Origin Russia
Publisher Dover
ISBN-10 0486295729
ISBN-13 978-0486295725
My Copy cheap dover paperback
First Read June 07, 2011

The Double

The Double, while being an early work of Dostoevsky, is a great example of his early work. It's immediate and visceral - I really sense the frenzied mania that our hero falls into.

The best part, however, is right at the beginning - when Golyadkin attends the Most Awkward Party Ever. My empathy meter was just off the charts, the whole time.

Noted on June 14, 2011

But, to begin with, allow me to tell you, as a friend, that things are not done like that, and in the second place I would have given you and your parents too, a good thrashing for letting you read French books; for French books teach you no good.

Quoted on June 14, 2011

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