Ex Libris Kirkland

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First Written 1836
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Penguin Classics
ISBN-10 0140433457
ISBN-13 978-0140433456
My Copy old tiny hardback
First Read August 12, 2005

Sketches by Boz

Our Parish is very prolific in ladies' charitable institutions. In winter, when wet feet are common, and colds not scarce, we have the ladies' soup distribution society, the ladies' coal distribution society, and the ladies' blanket distribution society; in summer, when stone fruits flourish and stomach aches prevail, we have the ladies' dispensary, and the ladies' sick visitation committee; and all the year round we have the ladies' childís examination society, the ladies' bible and prayer-book circulation society, and the ladies' childbed-linen monthly loan society. The two latter are decidedly the most important; whether they are productive of more benefit than the rest, it is not for us to say, but we can take upon ourselves to affirm, with the utmost solemnity, that they create a greater stir and more bustle, than all the others put together.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

You will invariably find this knocker on the doors of cold and formal people, who always ask why you don't come, and never say do.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

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