Ex Libris Kirkland

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Translator Juliet M. Soskice
First Written 1879
Genre Poetry
Origin Russia
Publisher BiblioBazaar
My Copy Hardback
First Read June 17, 2009

Who Can Be Happy and Free in Russia?

I absolutely love this. At first it seemed awkward, but as it repeats throughout the poem it becomes quite lovely - a beautiful, chorus-like refrain. It's almost incantatory.

We argued and argued,
While arguing quarrelled,
While quarrelling fought,
Till at last we decided
That never again

Would we turn our steps homeward
To kiss wives and children,
To see the old people,
Until we have settled
The subject of discord;
Until we have found
The reply to our question--
Of who can, in Russia,
Be happy and free?

Quoted on September 28, 2011

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