Ex Libris Kirkland

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Illustrator Scott McKowen
First Written 1883
Genre Fiction
Origin Scotland
Publisher Sterling
ISBN-10 1402714572
ISBN-13 978-1402714573
My Copy Hardback
First Read June 25, 2008

Treasure Island

Now, for instance, you wouldn't think I had had a pious mother - to look at me? . . . but I had - remarkable pious. And I was a civil, pious boy, and could rattle off my catechism that fast, as you couldn't tell one word from another. And here's what it come to, Jim, and it begun with church-farthen on the blessed grave-stones! That's what it begun with, but it went further'n that, and so my mother told me, and predicked the whole, she did, the pious woman!

Quoted on October 1, 2011

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