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First Written 2003
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Anchor Books
ISBN-10 0385721676
ISBN-13 978-0385721677
My Copy library paperback
First Read June 19, 2012

Oryx and Crake

Well-written, really depressing post-apocalyptic fiction. Interesting, totally occupied an evening, left me craving canned food.

Noted on June 21, 2012

The prospect of his future life stretched before him like a sentence; not a prison sentence but a long-winded sentence with a lot of unnecessary subordinate clauses, as he was soon in the habit of quipping during Happy Hour pickup time at the local campus bars and pubs. He couldn’t say he was looking forward to it, this rest-of-his-life.

Quoted on June 21, 2012

He doesn't know which is worse, a past he can't regain or a present that will destroy him if he looks at it too clearly. Then there's the future. Sheer vertigo.

Quoted on June 21, 2012

He too is a castaway of sorts. He could make lists. It could give his life some structure.

But even a castaway assumes a future reader, someone who'll come along later and find his bones and his ledger, and learn his fate. Snowman can make no such assumptions: he'll have no future reader, because the Crakers can't read. Any reader he can possibly imagine is in the past.

Quoted on June 21, 2012

There were a few other moves of his father's that he could do without as well - the sucker punches, the ruffling of his hair, the way of pronouncing the word song, in a slightly deeper voice. This hearty way of talking was getting worse, as if his father were auditioning for the role of Dad, but without much hope. Jimmy had done enough faking himself so he could spot it in others, most of the time.

Quoted on June 21, 2012

"Oh never mind," said his mother. She often tried to explain things to him, then she got discouraged. These were the worst moments, for both of them. He resisted her, he pretended he didn't understand even when he did, he acted stupid, but he didn't want her to give up on him. He wanted her to be brave, to try her best with him, to hammer away at the wall he'd put up against her, to keep on going.

Quoted on June 21, 2012

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