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Subtitle A New Kind of Novel
First Written 2013
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Ying Horowitz & Quin
My Copy A serialized novel in an iPhone app
First Read January 24, 2013

The Silent History

The basic plot is compelling as well: in the near future, some children start being born without any language abilities. They don't talk, they don't read, they just don't register language at all. Like dogs, they can understand basic emotions from the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, etc - but they do not use language in any form. The novel tracks what happens when those kids are born, and what happens as they grow up.

Noted on January 24, 2013

So, first of all: this is not a novel published on paper or for ebooks. It's a serialized novel, wrapped in an iPhone / iPad app. You can go straight to the site to learn more: thesilenthistory.com.

I LOVE this concept, and reading along with a serialized novel has been great fun. It's a compelling story, and the slow drip of new chunks of 'oral history' style developments is perfect. I expect a lot more novels to follow this.

Noted on January 24, 2013

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