Ex Libris Kirkland

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First Written 1950
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Loyola Classics
ISBN-10 082942122X
ISBN-13 978-0829421224
My Copy paperback
First Read February 20, 2007


There was a further pause; then in clear, schoolroom tone, Helena said: 'What I should like to know is: When and where did all this happen? And how do you know?'
Minervina frowned. Marcias replied: 'These things are beyond time and space. Their truth is integral to their proposition and by nature transcends material proof.'
'Then, please, how do you know?'
'By a lifetime of patient and humble study, your Majesty.'
'But study of what?'
'That, I fear, would take a lifetime to particularize.'

Quoted on April 13, 2013

Ex Libris Kirkland is a super-self-absorbed reading journal made by Matt Kirkland. Copyright © 2001 - .
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