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Subtitle A Library of Arabic Literature Anthology
First Written 800
Genre Poetry
Origin Arabia
Publisher Library of Arabic Literature
ISBN-10 0814738265
ISBN-13 978-0814738269
My Copy library paperback
First Read May 24, 2013

Classical Arabic Literature

Hail, an Epigram by Ibn Khafajah

With solid drops the hail that showered down
has oft adorned the neck of Mother Earth.

The frozen water pelts the plains with pebbles and
the land is covered by a melting punishment.

The earth is laughing, flaunting necklaces of stars,
but strewn, unstrung; the sky is sullen, glowering:

As if the earth, beneath, were an adulteress
and pelting clouds were busy stoning it.

Quoted on June 9, 2013

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