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First Written 2007
Genre Film
Origin US
Publisher Regal
ISBN-10 0830743154
ISBN-13 978-0830743155
My Copy paperback
First Read April 22, 2010

Through a Screen Darkly

I've seen Overstreet's writing before and was aware of his work with film crit and fantasy novels, but he'd never really (sorry Overstreet friends!) caught my interest. But then, Dear Reader, I saw his presentation at the 2010 IAM Encounter conference. He blew me away with his heartfelt presentation of the meaning of story and his personal experience with movies, and I rushed to the obligatory book table to grab a copy of this book. As it turns out, it's pretty much a long-form version of his presentation, and lacks the emotional impact. It's still a good statement of his thesis, but trust me: the live show is better than the album.

Noted on April 22, 2010

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