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First Written 1894
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
My Copy old hardback, clothbound
First Read November 20, 2009

The Jungle Book

Way more charming and adventurous than I expected. I went on a children's adventure book binge after my son was born, and this resulted in a 6-month stint of calling him 'mancub.' I was unaware of the other connotations at the time.

Noted on July 20, 2013

These are the four that are never content: that have never been filled since the dew began- Jacala's mouth, and the glut of the kite, and the hands of the ape, and the eyes of Man.

Quoted on July 20, 2013

What is the Law of the Jungle? Strike first and then give tongue.

Quoted on July 20, 2013

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