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First Written 1955
Genre Scifi
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First Read September 01, 2013

City of Illusions

Another from the Hainish series. I think this was the least satisfying of them all so far. It's still clearly good, and outstanding for the genre, but doesn't transcend anything.

Noted on October 11, 2013

He liked the vast openness of sky and prairie, and found loneliness a pleasure with so immense a domain to be alone in.

Quoted on October 11, 2013

We of Es Toch tell a little myth, which says that in the beginning the Creator told a great lie. For there was nothing at all, but the Creator spoke, saying, It exists. And behold, in order that the lie of God might be God’s truth, the universe at once began to exist.

Quoted on October 11, 2013

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