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Subtitle Volume 1: Greek Philosophy to Plato
Translator E. S. Haldane
First Written 1831
Genre Philosophy
Origin Germany
Publisher University of Nebraska Press
ISBN-10 0803272715
ISBN-13 978-0803272712
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First Read October 14, 2013

Lectures on the History of Philosophy

I read sections of this for an online course on Kierkegaard, emphasizing how SK set himself up in dialogue with Hegel's interpretation of Socrates.

I really only know Hegel by reputation, and as a part of a whole bunch of philosophers who don't make any sense to me, so I expected it to be impenetrable. But! It was actually very clear, and totally reasonable to get through.

Noted on October 17, 2013

History is not the soil of happiness. The periods of happiness are blank pages in it.

Quoted on October 17, 2013

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