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First Written 1925
Genre Poetry
Origin UK
Publisher Mythopoeic Press
ISBN-10 1887726063
ISBN-13 978-1887726061
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First Read November 06, 2013

Masques of Amen House

This is a weird and very funny little collection of 3 plays that Williams wrote to be performed where he worked, the Oxford University Press. They're about publishing; in the first a manuscript becomes a book, in the second the book is sold, and in the third the book is lost, rediscovered, and reprinted after its copyright expires.

Noted on November 10, 2013

Wayfarer, come; but yet forbear
Unless thy heart be true and clear.
Foul falls thy road - bethink thee still! -
Without submission and good-will.

I was my father's sole delight,
His dulcis filia, lass of might
He sent me forth - and here I am -
That the high gods may bless or damn.

PHILLIDA (making the sign of the magical pentagram)
Art though purged as by fire and by water made clean?

MANUSCRIPT: I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

PHILLIDA: Nine years has thy father revised thee with pain?

MANUSCRIPT: Twice nine on his desk I have patiently lain.

PHILLIDA: Of what dost thou treat, then, and what is thy name?

MANUSCRIPT: To fill up a certain lacuna my aim.
I am called A Short Treatise on Syrian Nouns
As used in the Northern and Sub-Northern Towns
In Five-Hundred B.C., with two maps and three charts:
By Walter Lackpenny, poor Master of Arts.

Quoted on November 10, 2013

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