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Subtitle aka, The Exploits of Moominpappa
Illustrator Tove Jannson
First Written 1950
Genre Fiction
Origin Finland
Publisher Square Fish
ISBN-10 031262543X
ISBN-13 978-0312625436
My Copy cheap paperback.
First Read April 08, 2014

Moominpappa's Memoirs

Do you have a heart? You will probably like these Moomin books.

I don't know why they weren't / aren't more popular; maybe the 90's Japanese TV series ruined a generation for Moomin fans? I don't know. But what I do know: you should get the series and read them. Then you should buy them for everyone you know.

Noted on April 9, 2014

Never before has any verandah held so many questions, exclamations, embraces, explanations, and rum punches at the same time.

Quoted on April 22, 2014

I cannot stress enough the perils of your friends marrying or becoming court inventors. One day you are all a society of outlaws, adventurous comrades and companions who will be pushing off somewhere or other when things become tiresome; you have all the world to choose from, just by looking at the map...

...And then, suddenly, they're not interested anymore. They want to keep warm. They're afraid of rain. They start collecting big things that can't fit in a rucksack.

Quoted on April 22, 2014

...by and by a change came: I started to muse about the shape of my nose. I put my trivial surroundings aside and mused more and more about myself, and I found this to be a bewitching occupation. I stopped asking and longed instead to speak of my thoughts and feelings. Alas, there was no one besides myself who found me interesting.

Quoted on April 9, 2014

Here a short explanation may be necessary, although all sensible people know most of these facts.

Quoted on April 9, 2014

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