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First Written 1633
Genre Religion
Origin UK
Publisher Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies
ISBN-10 0866980008
My Copy library hardback
First Read May 14, 2014

Occasional Meditations

It makes sense that Hall was a pastor - this kind of illustration-making seems to be common to the pastors I've met.

Noted on May 14, 2014

This is a collection of short 'Mediations', little micro-homilies like you might find in a modern devotional book. They're simple, and not as interesting or charming as I hoped they'd be. They all start with an observed thing or event, and then spin out a quick moral lesson or reproof.

The variety of topics is fun, ranging from natural observations ('Upon a Cloud', 'Upon Gold', 'Upon the Sight of a Rain in the Sunshine') to the more prosaic ('Upon the Barking of a Dog,' or 'Upon the Sight of a Cockfight,'). The titles lead me to expect something like Japanese poetry, which ... it's not.

Noted on May 14, 2014

Upon Occasion of the Lights Brought In

What a change there is in the room since the light came in, yea, in ourselves! All things seem to have a new form, a new life; yea, we are not the same that we were.

Quoted on May 14, 2014

Upon the Frame of a Globe Casually Broken

It is hard to say whether is the greater, man's art or impotence.

Quoted on May 14, 2014

Upon an Arm Benumbed

How benumbed and (for the time) senseless is this arm of mine become only with the too long leaning upon it! While I used it to other services, it failed me not. Now that I have rested upon it I find cause to complain. It is no trusting to an arm of flesh; on whatsoever occasion we put our confidence, therein let this reliance will be sure to end in pain and disappointment. O God, Thine arm is strong and mighty; all Thy creatures rest themselves upon that and are comfortably maintained.

Quoted on May 14, 2014

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