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First Written 2008
Genre Fantasy
Origin US
Publisher WaterBrook Press
ISBN-10 1400072530
ISBN-13 978-1400072538
My Copy new paperback
First Read April 30, 2010

Cyndere's Midnight

The second part of Auralia's Aptly-named Thread, Cyndere's Midnight picks up a new thread (ok, ok, 'Strand') in the Expanse. While occasionally checking in with the remnant of Abascar, Overstreet pulls in new characters and plots. Some of the most interesting bits of the prequel, Auralia's Colors, were when the author alluded to a richer world, full of history and other nations. In this book, we learn a bit more about the other Houses of the Expanse.

Overstreet's handling of the beastman character Jordam is great, especially for such a challenging character. Imagine this writing assignment: draw us a character who has reverted to animal instincts and can literally think only of food and murder. No prepositions or transitive verbs allowed, and please introduce a verbal tic anytime the character speaks. Overstreet masters this, and even the simplified language others use to speak to Jordam can be sweet.

Noted on May 6, 2010

The best part about this series so far is The Keeper - a mysterious monster that haunts the dreams of children, and sometimes adults. We get a few more glancing encounters with the Keeper in this installment, and Overstreet does this beautifully. It's never described, only sensed: characters get impressions of unfathomable depth, wings unfolding from wings, or someone calling their name - their true name, not the one their mother called them. It's like the author plumbed Scripture for all the allusions about God that thrill my heartstrings, and layers them in the mystery of the Keeper.

Noted on May 6, 2010

"Jordam, I have two hands." She held them up, palms open to him. "I can take hold of this with my left hand." She lifted the rain canopy. "With my right hand, I can hold this." She raised the dagger from her belt. "But my heart--I have one heart." She put the dagger and the canopy down and folded her hands over her breast. "Your heart can only hold one thing, Jordam. Your heart has one hand."

Quoted on April 29, 2010

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