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Translator Arthur Wormhoudt
First Written 814
Genre Poetry
Origin Iran, sort of
Publisher William Penn College
ISBN-10 0916358984
ISBN-13 978-0916358983
My Copy old library facsimile copy
First Read August 12, 2014

Diwan al gazal: Love poems

These seem like a beautiful poems rendered very awkward. Surely there's a better translation to be had, right?

Noted on August 12, 2014

I die, you know it not but you kill me
  I did not show it nor did you realize it
My tongue and heart hid your love
  But yet my tears spoke of my passion
If my tears had not shown my hid love
  My body struck by emaciation would tell

Quoted on August 12, 2014

One possessed with a rosy cheek
  The white skin like a touchstone
Men have contemplated in her
  Beauties that are not exhausted
Beauty in every part of her
  As a place often returned to
Some of it is attained
  Some of it is being born
Each time you return to it
  It is praised in the return
So drink to the moon's face
  Copiously without any bad temper

Quoted on August 12, 2014

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