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First Written 2012
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Plume
ISBN-10 9780452298019
ISBN-13 9780452298019
My Copy library hardback
First Read September 11, 2014

The Magician King

It's a sequel! And part of the mandatory trilogy (why write one book when you can write three?)! But it's good, better than the first, which blew me away at the time. It's got a more coherent structure, - no, not coherent, but rather a more pleasurable structure - and we get to find out more about an intriguing character from Book 1.

Noted on October 11, 2014

Eliot had no idea where he was going, but he’d read enough to know that a state of relative ignorance wasn’t necessarily a handicap on a quest. It was something your dauntless questing knight accepted and embraced. You lit out into the wilderness at random, and if your state of mind, or maybe it was your soul, was correct, then adventure would find you through the natural course of events. It was like free association—there were no wrong answers. It worked as long as you weren’t trying too hard.

Quoted on October 11, 2014

Like wine, Provençal magic had its own distinctive terroir. It was rich and chaotic and romantic. It was a night-magic, confabulated out of moons and silver, wine and blood, knights and fairies, wind and rivers and forests. It concerned itself with good and evil but also with the vast intermediate realm in between, the realm of mischief.

Quoted on October 11, 2014

'Son of a bitch,' Dauntless said. 'He caught it.'

Dauntless was a talking horse. She just didn't talk much.

Quoted on October 11, 2014

That’s what death did, it treated you like a child, like everything you had ever thought and done and cared about was just a child’s game, to be crumpled up and thrown away when it was over. It didn’t matter. Death didn’t respect you. Death thought you were bullshit, and it wanted to make sure you knew it.

Quoted on October 11, 2014

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