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First Written 1933
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Gollancz
My Copy library, ILL copy! Very old, falling apart.
First Read April 28, 2015

Nor Fish Nor Flesh

I picked this book up - after some non-trivial effort, getting my local library to ILL it for me, waiting six months, and even paying twenty bucks for the pleasure - because the author was a friend and contemporary of Charles Williams. Hopkins and Williams were involved in a weird love triangle with their coworker at the Oxford University Press, and this novel is in part a retelling or recasting of that episode.

It's not a bad novel, although I read it for biographical reasons.

Noted on April 28, 2015

One doesn't grow younger, Joyce had said, and quickly his luxuriating heart, had leapt the answer: Ah, but one does! It had seemed then so splendid, so unanswerable, a challenge to time and change. But wasn't it, perhaps, they who had seen the truth, he who clutched the illusion? Might it not be that the only true way out of time and into eternity was by accepting time's conditions, by walking step by step with time, breaching the future, not hugging the past?

Quoted on April 28, 2015

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