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Subtitle An Erast Fandorin Mystery
First Written 1998
Genre Mystery
Origin Russia
My Copy library paperback
First Read May 03, 2016

The Death of Achilles

A 'hired assassin' mystery, with a Chechen villain.

Noted on May 13, 2016

The fact that as a man grows older he sleeps less than in his youth seems right and proper - what was the point of wasting the tie when you would catch up on your sleep forever soon enough? But on the other hand, when you were young, you had so much more use for our time. Sometimes you would be dashing around from dawn till dusk, driving yourself to exhaustion, and if you only had just another hour or two, you could get everything done, but then you had to sacrifice eight hours to the pillow. The feeling of regret was sometimes so keen - but what could you do about it? Nature would claim what was hers by right.

Quoted on May 13, 2016

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