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Subtitle The Tale of Shikanoko: Book 1
First Written 2016
Genre Fiction
Origin US
ISBN-10 0374536317
My Copy library paperback
First Read October 21, 2016

Emperor of the Eight Islands

This is the first in a series of four, and a very weird tale. It's reads like an actual ancient book, with a mix of tedium and magic, and i was super, super, super not into it.

Noted on October 24, 2016

Until they are seven, children belong to the gods and speak only truth. Aki knew she was hearing a divine message.

Quoted on October 24, 2016

What was Aki to do? Should she obey her father and defy the Princess? Or should she recognize the mother's right to decide the fate of her child, relinquish him, and return to die alongside her own parents? What was there to fear in death? It lay all around, separated from life by only the thinnest of membranes. A moment's exhilarating pain and then you passed through to the other world, leaving behind honor and courage as your memorial, facing judgement and then rebirth.

Quoted on October 24, 2016

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