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Illustrator Quentin Blake
First Written 1975
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Puffin
My Copy cheap paperback
First Read February 02, 2017

Danny the Champion of the World

I can't believe I haven't entered any other Roald Dahl books here yet. We've read a ton with the kids - because heck, I loved them and they do too now.

This is a short-and-sweet little romp by Roal Dahl, with very little magical or fantastical about it - so, not your usual Roald Dahl. No witches, chocolate, talking animals or anything. However, it does have a picturesque childhood as a near-impoverished lower-class Brit, and some deft use of sleeping pills.

I picked it up to read to the kids because Daniel Handler recommended it (in his guise as Lemony Snicket, of course). But then we got distracted with some terrible Geronimo Stilton BS and haven't followed through yet.

Noted on February 14, 2017

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