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First Written 2001
Genre Childrens
Origin US
Publisher Candlewick
My Copy school library paperback
First Read March 02, 2017

Because of Winn-Dixie

This book never really hit my radar - published when I was in college, I only really heard some background references to it as some kind of overly saccharine dog story. And it is, kind of, except it's a perfect little gem of a kids-chapter-book variety. I picked it up because Felix's teacher assigned it, and it's great. It's got a very EB White x Harper Lee vibe - plain spoken small town tale, slightly precocious kid who learns stuff and brings people together. It's jam-packed with 'lessons' and emotional experiences, but the pacing and jam-packedness is just right for my an early chapter book like this. It's lovely, and I see why it won its Newberry.

Noted on March 14, 2017

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