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Subtitle Poems
First Written 1998
Genre Poetry
Origin US
Publisher George Braziller Inc
ISBN-10 0807614378
My Copy library copy
First Read August 03, 2017

Recovered Body

I really enjoyed these; I think I looked up Scott Cairns because I came across his Possible Answers to Prayer, which is pretty great.

Noted on August 12, 2017

from Jonah's Imprisonment

His time in the fish's belly was like death. At the very least is smelled like death to Jonah. In retrospect, the experience, fully imagined, might still provoke a necessary sense of how the body, unadorned by ointments, oils, or silk is little more than meat, mere meat for fishes. And if, in that confusion of digesting debris, Jonah chose to distinguish himself from other meat, he would have to come up with other criteria, and pretty soon.

Quoted on August 12, 2017

Archaeology: A Subsequent Lecture

You're thinking that the present site favors
a broad expanse of fallow farmland more
than it does a fallen city. Let that be Lesson One.

The city is there, and none too deep. Soon
as we begin, you'll be surprised how thin
the veil turns out to be. You'll be surprised

how much survives interment, how little
survives intact. For the most part, our city
comes out in pieces, puzzling as any

deliberately jigsawed for an evening's
entertainment. And as you might have heard
(if not, here's Lesson Two) the pleasure lies

in fingering loose ends toward likely shape,
actually making something of these bits
of persons, places, things one finds once one

commences late interrogation
of undervalued, overlooked terrain--
what we in the business like to call the dig.

Quoted on August 12, 2017

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