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First Written 2013
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Picador
ISBN-10 1250056098
ISBN-13 978-1250056092
My Copy huuuuge library copy
First Read October 04, 2017


There's so much rich historical detail, and I have no idea what parts are attested and what's made up. Like: in the 600s did people in Britain still worship Thor? Did the Christian cross necklace arise when people were christianized, and they changed their Thor's Hammer necklaces out for crosses? I have no idea.

Noted on February 20, 2024

Did I really get 75% of the way through this last time? It doesn't feel like it. I'm trying it again this winter, and enjoying it quite a bit this time through. What changed here? I don't know.

Noted on January 23, 2024

This is obviously a /good/ book, but I can't say I enjoyed it, really. First, it's HUUUUGGE - a big tome, meant for a deep immersion in a so-historical-it-feels-like-fantasy world. The author has done so much research about 7th-century britain, and she throws you in the deep end with a slew of undefined foreign words. It's the same feeling you get in a scifi when the author is proud of their fantasy world-building.

I'd love to read the condensed version of this book, I think, but as it was I gave up 75% of the way through.

Noted on November 13, 2017

The Franks wore crosses, very like those worn by the newly baptized Anglisc: squat, heavy things, easily mistaken for the hammers the majority of gesiths still wore. Most gesith crosses were bronze. Some lived copper. Cian's was gold.

Quoted on February 20, 2024

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