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Subtitle Thirteen Stories
First Written 2018
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher New Directions
ISBN-13 9780811227827
My Copy hardback first ed.
First Read January 15, 2019

Some Trick

I am still over the moon about DeWitt's Last Samurai, although don't think I've ever successfully convinced anybody to read it. After that first novel I adored, there was a second novel-slash-pastiche that I have deeeeeeeply mixed feelings about, and out of nowhere, there's this surprise book of short stories that appeared in 2018. I also kind of hate short stories! But I love DeWitt, so I bought it immediately. Like, IMMEDIATELY.

Her brilliance is on display here, and each story or exploration is less a story than an etude - an excuse to demonstrate her chops.

Noted on January 11, 2019

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