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First Written 2019
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Orbit
ISBN-10 0316388696
ISBN-13 978-0316388696
My Copy library audiobook
First Read April 10, 2019

The Raven Tower

Picked up the audio version for a long solo trip, so I'd have something going during my many times waiting in lines at airports. I really, really enjoyed this! At first I definitely suffered from the usual fantasy fatigue of all the worldbuilding - all the made-up nouns and verbs that stand between me and understanding what's happening in this story. This was also a problem for me in Leckie's space scifi book I read, Ancillary Justice.

But getting past that, it was really interesting. The reader in the audiobook - Adjoa Andoh - did a great job, with some great voice acting (which can go so wrong so quickly!). This is especially important as a large part of the novel is written in the second person, which is TOUGH. There's a lot of 'you did this. But did you notice X? how did you feel when Y happened? But the payoff of the second person is also worth it, and completely interesting. I really liked this.

Noted on April 18, 2019

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