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Translator Birgitta Ingemanson
First Written 1836
Genre Travel
Origin Russia
Publisher ASI Publishers
ISBN-10 0882310674
My Copy library paperback, 1974
First Read June 01, 2010

A Journey to Arzrum

My first non-fiction Pushkin, an account of his travels with a military company in the Caucasus. Quick, pleasant, and mostly diary-like. There are a few notable points where the quality of Pushkin's short stories shines through. It's a little bit funny to see him cross paths with one Count Puschkin.

Noted on June 20, 2010

...but in that way we spent forty versts on a detour in order to save the life of some Armenian chickens, which did not seem at all amusing to me.

Quoted on June 10, 2010

The Furious Gorge also showed itself to me in all its grandeur ...

Quoted on June 10, 2010

People are convinced only by Fame and do not understand that among them there may be some Napoleon who has not commanded a single company of chasseurs, or another Descartes who has not published a single line in the Moscow Telegraph. Besides, our respect for Fame arises, perhaps, out of self-esteem: for our voice too must contribute to that Fame.

Quoted on June 10, 2010

Recently a peaceful Circassian who had shot at a soldier was captured. He tried to justify himself by saying that his rifle had been loaded for too long.

Quoted on June 10, 2010

"To seek inspiration" has always seemed to me a ridiculous and absurd fantasy: you cannot find inspiration; it, of itself, must find the poet.

Quoted on June 10, 2010

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