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First Read December 29, 2019

Linkedin Unlocked

See my notes in sketchbook from 12/29/19.

Man, this feels like a laundry list of the things I 'should' be doing to market myself and my company, and at the beginning I was pretty on board. But as it went on, it became so hard to imagine actually executing this stuff! Is it because it's hard and I'm a coward? Is it because it's slimy and gross? Is it because I just think I'm better at it? I still can't scroll thru the LinkedIn posts feed without internally screaming a bit. Should I tamp down that ego and try this stuff?

Some takeaways:
- We should have a better idea on how our typical client describes themselves. This is maybe hard because our clients are in weirdly different positions, but we really should do some thinking about our ideal clients and the language THEY use. THEIR goals. THEIR... linked in bios??

- 'People connect to people.' People try working with BNB because they know us, or they know people that have worked with us. That's a big part of the linkedin social selling thing, but this will preach more generally. I often complain that our marketing is all word of mouth, and that's equally reassuring and terrifying: cool taht it happens, not cool that we can't control it. But maybe I should think about embracing this. Our growth comes from referrals, but that's not a crazy thing for consultants. Alan Weiss mentions this over and over again! We should sketch out a strategy for this instead of treating it like the weather.

- we should (MATT should) actually craft an up-to-date LI profile, that at least really reflects the work we do and our ideal customer. See the notes in sketchbook form 12/29 to 12/30 for details.

- adding media to your LI posts (video, slides, etc) juices the feed algorithm.

- the general approach is:
- find more connections
- connect on linkedin
- engage in conversation
- build relationships
- take it offline

That includes a pretty clear-eyed search for WHO you want to connect to, not just accepting requests as they come in. Then scheduling (at least) your escalating relationship with them like a real salesperson. This is where it gets icky and I find it hard to imagine actually doing this.

Noted on January 9, 2020

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