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Subtitle Inspector Gamache Book 8
First Written 2013
Genre Mystery
Origin Canada
Publisher Minotaur
My Copy paperback
First Read April 19, 2020

The Beautiful Mystery

A slightly pulpy mystery novel - not my usual thing - but Erika recommended it because it's set in a monastery where the monks have become famous for their Gregorian chant, and they use the word 'neumes' all the time. I read this as we did a big push on the Neumz project at work, and so it was a very interesting top-of-mind thing. The book was otherwise... not for me. Kind of a fun read, though!

Noted on April 27, 2020

In trying to capture the beautiful mystery, this monk had invented written music. Not yet notes, what he’d written became known as neumes.

Quoted on April 27, 2020

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