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First Written 2014
Genre Scifi
Origin Canada
ISBN-13 0804172447
My Copy library copy
First Read July 10, 2020

Station Eleven

This is an obviously well-written book that covers a flu-like apocalypse and the world twenty years later. Honestly the pandemic portions of the novel were so close to home these days that I couldn't get much past them! It was honestly tough to read through the parts where people start to hoard food and water, others deny the threat and saying 'it's just a flu!', medical works suffering as they get infected, etc. I had to stop at that point, only a few chapters in. But it's clearly well-written and it came highly recommended, so I'll bookmark it to come back to when the wound is less fresh!

Noted on July 22, 2020

There was the flu that exploded like a neutron bomb over the surface of the earth and the shock of the collapse that followed, the first unspeakable years when everyone was traveling, before everyone caught on that there was no place they could walk to where life continued as it had before and settled wherever they could, clustered close together for safety in truck stops and former restaurants and old motels.

Quoted on July 22, 2020

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