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First Written 1853
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Signet Classics
My Copy distressed paperback
First Read August 08, 2010

Bleak House

So great. I don't need to tell you about Bleak House - but I will take this opportunity to highly recommend the BBC's 2005 miniseries. If you weren't convinced that you loved Inspector Bucket, his appearance in this 7-hour melodrama will definitely convince you. It's full of great performances by British actors, and has given us a new ridiculous fake-curse-word in our house: "Burn Gorman! I broke another glass!"

Noted on August 13, 2010

If they can't make me innocent out of the whole truth, they are not likely to do it out of anything less, or anything else. And if they are, it's worth nothing to me.

Quoted on August 11, 2010

Mrs. Snagsby is so perpetually on the alert that the house becomes ghostly with creaking boards and rustling garments. The 'prentices think somebody may have been murdered there in bygone times. Guster holds certain loose atoms of an idea (picked up at Tooting, where they were found floating among the orphans) that there is buried money underneath the cellar, guarded by an old man with a white beard, who cannot get out for seven thousand years because he said the Lord's Prayer backwards.

Quoted on August 11, 2010

"Well, sir," returns Mr. Snagsby, "you see, my little woman is--not to put too fine a point upon it--inquisitive. She's inquisitive. Poor little thing, she's liable to spasms, and it's good for her to have her mind employed. In consequence of which she employs it--I should say upon every individual thing she can lay hold of, whether it concerns her or not--especially not. My little woman has a very active mind, sir."

Quoted on August 11, 2010

There is something indefinably keen and wan about her anatomy, and she has a watchful way of looking out of the corners of her eyes without turning her head which could be pleasantly dispensed with, especially when she is in an ill humour and near knives.

Quoted on August 11, 2010

Come night, come darkness, for you cannot come too soon or stay too long by such a place as this! Come, straggling lights into the windows of the ugly houses; and you who do iniquity therein, do it at least with this dread scene shut out! Come, flame of gas, burning so sullenly above the iron gate, on which the poisoned air deposits its witch-ointment slimy to the touch! It is well that you should call to every passerby, "Look here!"

Quoted on August 11, 2010

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