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First Written 2021
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Riverhead
ISBN-10 Riverhead
ISBN-13 978-0593189580
My Copy library copy
First Read April 21, 2021

No One Is Talking About This

A novel about being Extremely Online. Lockwood is very funny on twitter, and locally beloved as she first really hit the bigtime during a short window when she lived in Lawrence.

Much of the novel is a stream-of-consciousness approach to describing what it is like to be really involved in twitter, via recapping various thinly-disguised internet drama or trends of the last couple of years. I was both delighted and distressed to find out how much of it I recognized.

Noted on June 10, 2021

Every day their attention must turn, like the shine on a school of fish, all at once, toward a new person to hate. Sometimes the subject was a war criminal, but other times it was someone who made a heinous substitution in guacamole.

Quoted on June 10, 2021

Every day we were seeing new evidence that suggested it was the portal that had allowed the dictator to rise to power. This was humiliating. It would be like discovering that the Vietnam War was secretly caused by ham radios, or that Napoleon was operating exclusively on the advice of a parrot named Brian.

Quoted on June 10, 2021

Capitalism! It was important to hate it, even though it was how you got money. Slowly, slowly, she found herself moving toward a position so philosophical even Jesus couldn’t have held it: that she must hate capitalism while at the same time loving film montages set in department stores.

Quoted on June 10, 2021

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