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First Written 1972
Genre Travel
Origin UK
My Copy cheap paperback
First Read May 04, 2021

Survive the Savage Sea

One of the many highlights of reading this true-life survival story was discussing it with the kids. At many points the survivors daydream about food, and this one in particular caught our imagination:

So we waited until the heat of summer and made our own version, according to the recipe:

Noted on August 24, 2021

We read this chapter-by-chapter as a bedtime book with the kids! It was fun, a little light editing on the fly, but a great experience talking with the kids about this. And while we knew there would be a rescue eventually, we had no idea what it would be like. We finished this right before we went on a Florida vacation, and we talked about this a lot during then, including making it a mission to try eating dorado fish.

I think this recommendation came from @rogre - thank you!

Noted on June 11, 2021

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