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First Written 2021
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher MCD
ISBN-10 0374173540
ISBN-13 978-0374173548
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First Read December 01, 2021

Hummingbird Salamander

Man, this was boring! I have Jeff VDM in a category of 'author whose new books I'll always read', but is it mostly because the Southern Reach trilogy was so wild? I don't know. But I gave up 75% of the way through this. Boring generic protagonist with unspecified trauma in her past, a non-mystery that's signposted with incredibly tenuous clues. Blah.

Noted on December 28, 2021

No therapist ever told me I should forget my childhood, because I hated therapists and had never seen one. But I knew that forgetting was best. Let the dead stay dead. Make dead what was still alive. Move forward.

Quoted on December 28, 2021

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