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First Written 1953
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
ISBN-10 0099513927
My Copy cheap paperback
First Read April 06, 2022

Ring for Jeeves

Also, there were a few lines from Coleridge's Kubla Khan sprinkled through, which of course caught my eye. Jeeves himself is always quoting the poets, but these were authorial insertions, which were more jarring but fun to be all Leo-pointing-at-TV with them.

Noted on April 13, 2022

I listened to my first Wodehouse on audio last year, and picked up this, my first Jeeves book, for some disposable reading on a trip. It was so funny! I know that's like, the whole Wodehouse thing, but it still surprised me. I guffawed out loud several times on planes, in airports, etc.

Noted on April 13, 2022

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