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First Written 1930
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
My Copy library hardback
First Read June 02, 2022

Very Good, Jeeves

OH man, the Jeeves stories felt a little dry here. I don't know if I just wasn't in the mood this summer, or if it's a lull in the Wodehouse series. We'll see!

Noted on June 8, 2022

Every young man starting life ought to know how to cope with an angry swan, so I will briefly relate the proper procedure. You begin by picking up the raincoat which somebody has dropped; and then, judging the distance to a nicety, you simply shove the raincoat over the bird’s head; and, taking the boat-hook which you have prudently brought with you, you insert it underneath the swan and heave. The swan goes into a bush and starts trying to unscramble itself; and you saunter back to your boat, taking with you any friends who may happen at the moment to be sitting on roofs in the vicinity. That was Jeeves’s method, and I cannot see how it could have been improved upon.

Quoted on June 8, 2022

There's no doubt about it, being a policeman warps a man's mind and ruins that sunny faith in his fellow human beings which is the foundation of a lovable character. There seems to be no way of avoiding this.

Quoted on June 8, 2022

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