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First Written 2021
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Tordotcom
My Copy library hardback
First Read June 16, 2022

Master of Djinn

The story itself: our hero has a murder to solve! She's not great at her job and misses the obvious clues! There's not much interest in the murder, (and eventual universe-threatening final battle) . But the worldbuilding was so cool! I'd read another one if there's a sequel.

Noted on June 21, 2022

I have NEVER wanted a book to actually be a tv series or movie so much before. This is set in an alternate-history Egypt in 1912, where the veil between worlds was pierced 40 years prior and now magic creatures (djinn, goblins, fae, etc) exist in the real world. Egypt has become a steampunk world power by cooperating with their powerful magic djinn, and holds its own against the colonial nations of Europe. WWI has not happened. Our hero works for Magical Law Enforcement, but is a regular-old human herself.

But the cool part is imagining what a mildly pluralistic middle eastern country could look like - describing architecture, food, clothing in a way that had me constantly googling terms and excited about what all this would LOOK like. It's begging for a Miyazaki-like series. And it really should NOT be a prestige series with people in costumes.

Noted on June 21, 2022

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