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Subtitle Expanse book 3
First Written 2013
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Orbit
My Copy audiobook!
First Read August 03, 2022

Abaddon's Gate

This gate / station / vision experience at the end of Act 2 are akin to the climax of Carl Sagan's Contact - an alien experience that's so advanced beyond or different from human experience, we can only describe it as metaphor. And not like, using metaphors, but like, the characters can only experience it as dream-like visions. It's... fine? I understand why these get written that way and I don't have a better suggestion. But some are really satisfying (for example, Orual's confrontation with the gods in Til We Have Faces) and others aren't. Is there a name for this?

Noted on August 4, 2022

Another one, I've just been listening to this audiobook series nonstop for the last... 60 hours? I had a long drive by myself that helped fuel this last week.

This is less exciting than the previous two, and had a truly dull end battle that I wished I wouldn't fast-forwarded through.

But two of the new point of view characters (Anna the Russian pastor, and Melba the engineer) are pretty great, and I enjoyed those.

Noted on August 4, 2022

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