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Subtitle Expanse Book 7
First Written 2017
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Orbit
My Copy library audiobook
First Read December 01, 2022

Persepolis Rising

There's a good new character who works for the new uprising culture - he really does the 'I'm bound by duty to do terrible things to people and also I'm a coward' kind of Fascist Leader thing really well. Interesting to read this in tandem with The Duke's Children, where the Duke is torn between the loving response he wants to give to his children and his hidebound sense of duty to the Right Thing.

Noted on December 6, 2022

Book 7 in a trilogy of trilogies, I think? Our favorite crew of spacefarers is back at it but surprise!(?), it's thirty years later. Cap is retiring, and hey remember that martian guy who noped out of one of those gates with a bunch of ships? He's back.

This was fine, really, nothing standout but after six audiobooks I'm basically guaranteed to listen to the rest. I enjoyed the new scifi tech stuff!

Noted on December 6, 2022

There are a lot of cute lines in these books, but I’m listening to an audiobook and so I don’t really have access to quote them, at least not without a bunch of work. One bit I really enjoyed: a message from an admiral who is conquering his way through the solar system with cataclysmic, overwhelming force, asking the opponents to surrender. He says something like:

How many more deaths? Your continued resistance is futile and will just result in the deaths of the people you love and serve. How many more corpses do you need before you can tell yourself you tried to resist me honorably? A hundred? A thousand? A billion? Tell me the number of corpses you need, and I will provide them.

Noted on December 6, 2022

The look on his face was a mixture of boredom and irritation shared by all natural-born bureaucrats.

Quoted on December 6, 2022

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