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Subtitle Mistborn 1
First Written 2006
Genre Fantasy
Origin US
Publisher Tor
My Copy audiobook
First Read April 25, 2023

The Final Empire

Sanderson is just too excited to explain himself, a classic nerd problem. Delight in something complicated or a chance to show some knowledge off - the way a need at a party won’t stop talking about something specific.

Magic explainers are the obvious bit, but comes through in all the rest of the world building too. We’re 1/3 through and everything is still being distinguished as a ‘aristocratic’ vs ‘street’, in a way that’s so stupidly didactic. We get it Brandon! In real people class isn’t anything like this specific, and you don’t just SAY the class parts out loud every time. It’s weird.

Noted on April 25, 2023

Wanted a light piece of fiction to keep me busy while the fam was out of town for a weekend, it... was 20 hours of audio. I didn't love it.

Noted on April 25, 2023

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