Ex Libris Kirkland

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Subtitle in a new version for reading and performance
Translator John Russell Brown
First Written 1576
Genre Drama
Origin UK
Publisher Heinemann
ISBN-10 0435231383
My Copy library paperback
First Read November 04, 2010

The Complete Plays of the Wakefield Master

The Wakefield master is great with creating a rising tempo:

Carp of no King
But Herod, that lording,
Or dart to your dwelling
              Your heads for to hide.

Quoted on November 4, 2010

Six hundred years and odd - have I , without distance,
On earth, as any sod -- lived with great grievance
And now I wax old,
Sick, sorry, and cold;
As muck upon mould
        I widder away.

Quoted on November 4, 2010

Fart jokes: funny five hundred years ago too.

But from this place if I may part
For all men give I not a fart.

Quoted on November 4, 2010

A great little duet, as Cain makes a proclamation and his servant adds commentary to the audience

CAIN: I command you all in the kings name...
PICKHARNESS: And in my master's, false Cain.
CAIN: That no man with them find fault or blame...
PICKHARNESS: Yes, ocld fare is at my master's home.
CAIN: Neither with him nor with his knave...
PICKHARNESS: Why now I think my master does rave.
CAIN: For they are true, so all men hold...
PICKHARNESS: My master sups no cawl but cold...
CAIN: The king writes to you his will.
PICKHARNESS: Yet ate I never half my fill. CAIN: The king commands that they be safe...
PICKHARNESS: Yeah, a draught of drink fain would I have...
CAIN: At their own will, let them wander...
PICKHARNESS: My stomach is ready to surrender.

Quoted on November 4, 2010

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