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Subtitle Vol 1: King David
First Written 1981
Genre Theology
Origin The Netherlands
Publisher Van Gorcum
ISBN-10 9023218523
ISBN-13 978-9023218524
My Copy borrowed hardback from Steven
First Read November 04, 2010

Narrative Art and Poetry in the Books of Samuel

Fokkelman takes a highly literary approach in reading Old Testament scripture, or what he calls 'intrinsic' study. He asks 'the obvious and natural question: What do you mean? What are you really saying?', and assumes a huge degree of authorial expertise on the part of the author of the Books of Samuel. Which, if you believe it as the Word of God, seems pretty appropriate. He assumes the books are works of art, and intended to be understood and comprehended - not just as moral fables but with the same depth of nuance as a modern novel.

It's really fascinating stuff, and this would be more so if I had any background in (A) biblical scholarship, (B) old testament history, and (C) Hebrew. It's pleasantly-written, but just a touch too dense for my just-above-casual level of interest.

Thankfully, I get the benefit of this series without reading them, because my pastor picks up narrative threads and implications from these as he preaches through I and II Samuel.

Noted on November 4, 2010

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