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First Written 2023
Genre Fantasy
Origin US
Publisher Entangled
My Copy library copy
First Read November 07, 2023

Fourth Wing

A thing as a reader that I notice and always bugs me: when an author starts using a new word or phrase midway through writing a book. Did they just learn it? Like, it’s not plot-important or anything, just a weird thing that makes me think about the author as a dorky human instead of some omnipotent Narrator. It’s even worse when it’s a first-person story and the character themself doesn’t show any evidence of learning the word.

In this book: ‘subluxating’.

Noted on November 7, 2023

Pulled this from the top of the ‘available now’ stack in the library’s audiobook selection - because I saw just STACKS of this book at every bookstore and library I went to on my book tour. This is the cheesiest tropiest fill-in-the-blank Hogwarts/Hunger Games/fanfic mashup I could imagine.. I know it’s not for me but: wow. I have rarely been so embarrassed to read a book. Still, Rebecca Yarros, congrats, I’m happy for you.

Noted on November 7, 2023

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