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First Written 1932
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Studio Kirkland
ISBN-10 0997700955
ISBN-13 978-0997700954
My Copy CW Library Edition
First Read November 18, 2010

The Greater Trumps

Not Williams' strongest novel, but still a good read. I find the more I read of his, the less impenetrable the mystical passages get. And The Greater Trumps has quite a few of these dense, formless mystical events.

I used to think these passages were mere sense-poetry - incomprehensible and non-linear, not really intended to be understood as plot. But I think the better you know Williams, and the ideas he hung everything on, you start to see a little shape in the densest fog, and see that he's really trying to move the action forward. Strange stuff.

Noted on November 18, 2010

She would not go to bed, certainly not, but hot drinks--yes; and a hot bath--yes; and a complete change--yes. Drinks and baths and changes were exquisite delights in themselves; part of an existence in which one beauty was always providing a reason and a place for an entirely opposite beauty. As society for solitude, and walking for sitting down, and one dress for another, and emotions for intellect, and snowstorms for hot drinks, and in general movement for repose, repose for movement, and even one movement for another, so highly complex was the admirable order of the created universe.

Quoted on November 18, 2010

She found the Tarot pack and ran back again, thinking this time how agreeable it was to run and do things for Henry. She wished she found it equally agreeable to run for her father. But then her father --it was her father's fault, wasn't it? Was it? Wasn't it? If she could feel as happy--if she could feel. Could she? Couldn't she, not only do, but feel happy to do? Couldn't she? Could she? More breathless within than without, she came again to the room...

Quoted on November 18, 2010

She tried her best not to call her brother "Lothair," because that was one of the things which seemed to him to be profane without being humorous. But it was a pain and grief to her; there wasn't all that time to enjoy everything in life as it should be enjoyed, and the two of them could have enjoyed that ridiculous name so much better together. However, since she loved him, she tried not to force the good God's richness of wonder too much on his attention, and so she went on hastily.

Quoted on November 18, 2010

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